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Underground Rome - Explore Subterranean Wonders Beneath Rome

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Underground RomePerhaps you've been to Rome. You've probably seen the Coliseum, the Forum, a dozen or so churches, and the Vatican. Well, if so, you've only scratched the surface. Underground, beneath the Coliseum lies a rabbit-warren of rooms where the death defying spectacles were prepared. Beneath that, archaeologists have excavated the skulls of tigers, giraffes, bears, and other animals used in the shows. And those churches you've visited for their renaissance art most likely harbor pagan secrets below their floors as well.

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Basilica of San Clemente

One of the most fascinating adventures I've taken recently was to descend into the underground below the 12th century Basilica of San Clemente. Here there are two excavated levels, one revealing the plan of a 4th century Basilica, and the other some 1st century Roman buildings. In one of these is a perfect example of a temple of Mithras, a Persian God who probably migrated back to Italy with soldiers and slaves.

Nero's Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea is Closed at this time. Another popular underground tourist destination is Nero's Domus Aurea. While many sites still encourage reservations in advance, I've found that you can usually walk up and purchase a ticket for the next available tour.

Crypta Balbi

Visitors point to the many layers of the Crypta Balbi as a way to put into perspective the forces that buried classic Rome. Inside is a section of Museo Nazionale Romano where you'll learn about the occupation layers you'll see.